Blackberry Jam Brooch


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These gorgeous blackberries are made from sparkly purple and green ripple acrylic with pink ripple and gold blossoms.


BROOCH SIZE: 80mm x 52.5mm



PLEASE NOTE: This item is not ready made. 

Please check our shipping information for current turnaround times.


Designed and hand made in Sydney, Australia



Laser cut statement acrylic brooch assembled with an in-lay finish, featuring coloured mirror and ripple acrylic and decorative etching. 


Please note that colours may vary on different computer/phone screens.


All brooches are made with a pin that includes a loop so you can easily add a chain to convert into a necklace. 




To ensure your handmade pieces last, please follow these simple care instructions:


  • Do not drop this piece as acrylic can break. 
  • Store out of direct sunlight as prolonged exposure may discolour some acrylics. Store in either boxes or use an accessory board in a dry and clean environment.
  • You may wear your accessories after makeup and various sprays or lotions have been applied. Any direct contact with these substances may damage your accessories. 
  • Item can be cleaned with a soft cloth.




Customer Reviews

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Moiby G
Beautiful brooch

Love this brooch. Beautiful design and detail!

Wonderful Gift!

I bought this as a gift, it was even prettier than it looked online and it was really appreciated!

Absolutely Stunning!

This scrumptious design captures the essence of the Blackberry! They GLISTEN just as they look when morning dew or when the evening moon casts light on the juicy drupelets. These grow in the most prolific way in my part of the world in the Pacific Northwest. Homeowners hire goats from goat herders to nibble the berries as nature’s way to manage the brambles. Foxx & Ginger brought the character of the juicy berry’s pocket bits to life with beautiful etching. The berry blossom punctuates the brooch just rightly so. For this broochie who loves Blackberry Pie, Blackberry Ice Cream, Blackberries from Sunday’s farmer’s market, Blackberry honey - this will be a brooch much enjoyed and worn!

Blackberry jam

Exquisite little brooch, it’s gorgeous 💖